John Graham
President and Auditor

John has performed and managed claims audits for self-insured employers for over twenty years and has personally led the recovery of millions of dollars for clients. Read More

Guy Brooks
Lead Data Architect

Guy brings over twenty-five years of experience in healthcare with a focus on data processing, product development, business intelligence and analysis and quality improvement. Read More

Jennifer Chambers
Jennifer Chambers
Report Writer and Healthcare Benefits Analyst

Jennifer’s affinity for the nuances of language, coupled with a passion for research, ensure detailed and thorough analysis of plan documentation for our clients. Read More

David Chapman
Lead Developer

David’s passion for data has grown out of the desire to help businesses discover automated ways to process data as well as analyze trends to improve future performance. Read More

Crystal Kelly
Client Coordinator

Crystal serves as a primary contact with clients, focusing on resource gathering for projects, client and internal team communication and audit remediation tracking. Read More

Lisa Killingsworth portrait
Lisa Killingsworth
Auditor and Coding Specialist

Lisa has over twenty years of experience in the healthcare industry including development and installation of Laboratory Information Systems and Hospital Information Systems. Read More

Tom McFarling portrait
Tom McFarling
Auditor and Developer

Tom has been instrumental in auditing millions of claims by utilizing high level programming and data analysis skills while applying detailed claims adjudication processes. Read More

Phillip Odom portrait
Phillip Odom
Claims Data Specialist

Phillip is the lead data specialist for all medical claims audits with experience analyzing clinical data for quality outcomes and operational efficiency and ensuring data integrity. Read More

Janae Peterson
Janae Peterson
Claims Data Specialist

Janae’s experience includes working in a relational database environment to design, test, and implement programs that enhance and support business functions. Read More

Susan Theroff portrait
Susan Theroff
Healthcare Benefits Analyst and Coding Team Lead

Susan has worked on both the brokerage and employer side of healthcare benefits for companies ranging in size from 10 to 10,000 employees. Read More

Brian Walker
Auditor and Quality Assurance Specialist

Brian embodies thoroughness and attention to detail in every project, and JGI is capitalizing on this approach to advance our overall quality assurance process. Read More