John Graham

John has performed and managed claims audits for self-insured employers for fifteen years and has personally led the recovery of millions of dollars for clients. Read More

Guy Brooks

Guy has over twenty years of experience in healthcare with a focus on data processing, product development, business intelligence and analysis and quality improvement. Read More

Jeffrey Leegon

Jeffrey has over 10 years experience working in healthcare including both operational and clinical data projects for quality improvement and public health. Read More

David Chapman

David has twenty years of experience in the Human Resources and Benefits field focusing on automation, analytics and creating custom software for businesses. Read More

Brian Walker

Brian is a Certified Public Accountant with sixteen years of audit, accounting, and financial reporting experience with a Big 4 accounting firm and two global insurance industry leaders. Read More

Crystal Kelly
Client Coordinator

Crystal serves as a primary contact with clients in her role at J. Graham Inc., focusing on resource gathering for projects, client and internal team communication, document production, and audit remediation tracking. Read More