Jameson Graham

Jameson Graham



Jameson will graduate from the University of Louisville in 2025 with a degree in finance and economics. He is serving as an Intern with JGI in 2024 to prepare for beginning a full-time position with the company after graduation. Jameson is focused on gaining exposure to all aspects of claims audit functions during this internship so that he will be well positioned to begin his role as an Auditor at that time.

Having grown up around JGI and the claims audit industry, I have a unique awareness of this business, the people working in it, the value offered to clients and the culture JGI staff have worked hard to create and benefit from. I also have a keen appreciation of the dedication and joy that are involved in running a business. I very much look forward to starting my career having learned from skilled, committed coworkers who have already made me feel fully welcomed to the JGI team.