Dependent Eligibility


Dependent eligibility audits require completely separate skills and experience compared to claims audits. But because up to 8% of dependents are ineligible for coverage for a variety of reasons – such as marital status, financial responsibility for children, definitions and coverage rules for domestic partners, and more — we believe offering DEA audits can be a significant benefit to our clients.

So we work with a best-in-class partner firm, MedBill Management, to give our clients customized and flexible eligibility audits with competitive prices and outstanding ROI.

J. Graham Inc. team

JGI handles all project management and is the point of contact for clients. Together with MedBill, we serve the largest portion of the self-insured employer market, companies with 200-2,000 employees range that so many competitors ignore. And we can package claims audit and dependent eligibility audit services into one seamless offering with a guarantee to cover the entire cost of the projects.

Contact us today to discuss details of your plan and how we might assist you in a dependent eligibility audit.

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