Not all medical audits are equal. Random sample audits and comprehensive audits represent entirely different approaches, goals and outcomes. And it can be challenging to sort through industry jargon to figure out what a vendor is offering.

J. Graham Inc. team

At JGI, our approach is straightforward: We deliver a custom, comprehensive medical audits to meet specific client needs without disrupting their business. And our audits are guaranteed to pay for themselves with a typical ROI of 300-400%, not including future savings.

We examine claims for issues with benefits, duplication, coordination of benefits, pricing, eligibility and more. Although we have developed a proprietary, automated claims audit platform to quickly identify more issues, we believe humans will always be the key to the audit process. J. Graham Inc. is built on experienced, exceptional people who work relentlessly to recover lost expenses clients are entitled to.

Let us prove it. We guarantee our work 100%.

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