People are the core of any service business, both internally as employees and externally as clients. J. Graham Inc. was founded to create an exceptional culture for experts who share our commitment to a true team environment. We are open and honest in our communication, committed to each other’s success and are dedicated to the following purposes:

Accessibility of Audit Services
We are committed to providing all self-insured employers with access to exceptional audit services, no matter their size or unique benefit management arrangement. J. Graham Inc. is priced competitively, offers multiple audit services and uses a creative approach to meet the needs of the employer, regardless of size, industry or goals.

Real Results, Guaranteed
Our claims audits are designed to produce results for employers in an industry where 1-2% error is both expected and accepted. J. Graham Inc. guarantees that our services will find overpayments and cost savings to cover the entire cost of our audits. We accomplish this by both contingency pricing arrangements and performance guarantees negotiated with fixed fees. Our unique approach even allows guarantees with a random sample audit. Employers hire us with the comfort of knowing that their investment will produce financial results.

Corporate Responsibility
Our company believes in sustainable business practice, including Reduce, Reuse and Recycle efforts; energy efficient and green cleaning office space and we strive for paperless work processes. Our policies reduce travel and encourage virtual team meetings when possible. We donate 2% of total revenue annually to local charitable causes selected by our employees and encourage many initiatives for social responsibility.

Life Balance
Work makes up a significant portion of our daily lives and J. Graham Inc. encourages its employees to maintain adequate focus on personal priorities in all aspects of life. We value results over process. Employee performance is measured on what they produce for clients and how they work within our team. Our staff enjoys the flexibility to meet their life responsibilities and are provided time to work from home and utilize time off regularly. We have no formal vacation policies, as we expect each employee to responsibly determine their individual needs and we work closely to support each other each and every day.

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