Dental Audits

Dental audits are very similar to medical audits in that all testing is conducted at the claim level (not for a global pricing guarantee like pharmacy), and testing includes verification of pricing, benefits, coding, and other industry standards. What makes dental audits by J. Graham Inc. particularly effective is our experience with dental claims and detailed benefits testing. Rarely do dental audits uncover significant dollar amounts of errors, but they often find multiple benefits that are either not properly set up or are applied manually with high error rates. The fact that we do not use any dollar value cutoffs in our approach and our willingness to test every benefit possible result in successful, comprehensive dental audits conducted with the same approach and care as medical audits.

J. Graham Inc. personnel have audited dental claims for some of the largest employers in the country, and this experience has allowed us to gather a significant knowledge base for dental standards that are highly specific to the industry. We would love the opportunity to show you the value of our detailed and integrated approach to healthcare benefits auditing!

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