Guy Brooks

Guy Brooks


Lead Data Architect

Guy brings 25 years of experience in healthcare with a focus on data processing, product development, business intelligence and analysis and quality improvement. Before joining JGI, he worked for health data and claims auditing firms. His experience with multiple data formats, SQL product development and business intelligence tools has helped grow JGI’s infrastructure and automation capabilities. Guy graduated from Western Kentucky University with a bachelor’s degree in computer information systems.

The culture, employees and desire to continue to improve our products are the greatest assets of JGI. The whole team works well together, and everyone’s opinions are welcome. When I first started, I did all aspects of project from document analysis, data loading and scrubbing, running reports, selecting records for the sample, and conducting site visits. As we have grown, my focus has become the data loading, data scrubbing and running reports on the data. I have enjoyed the opportunities to make the SQL dynamic to react to the data instead of always having to edit the SQL to match the data.