Phillip Odom

Phillip Odom


Claims Data Specialist

Phillip is the lead data specialist for all medical claims audits. His experience includes analyzing clinical data for quality outcomes and operational efficiency, verifying data integrity and detailed benefits testing. Phillip has over 15 years of experience in the healthcare industry, with significant expertise in data mining and reporting with tools such as SQL Server, Teradata Studio and Cognos Analytics. He received an associate’s degree in computer applications and programming from King’s College.

Working at JGI has been the best experience of my 15 plus years in the healthcare industry. I feel valued and I know the work I do is important to JGI and our clients. My role as data specialist is to verify the integrity of the data we receive, scrub the data to our standards and run standard and customs reports for benefits testing. At JGI we are always trying to improve our processes, reporting and quality. I enjoy being part of a team that works together. No one is on an island by themselves.