Core Values: Flexibility


Companies often are simply hard to deal with.

Accountability and decision-making are spread thin, requirements are set that are difficult to understand, and then legal gets involved on top of that. At J. Graham Inc., we understand that the last thing our clients want are extra hoops to jump through when trying out what is often a completely new service.

Clients keep us in business, and getting our job done for them is priority number one. We love the idea of self-insured employers having an exceptional claims audit – we want as many employers as possible to have one. That is why we designed our company specifically to include many different types of audit scopes and pricing options.

One size does not fit all companies. We love our comprehensive approach and the incredible findings that are possible, but there are times when an employer group wants or needs a random sample audit.

In these cases we intend to give that group the best random sample claims audit in the industry.

Need a pharmacy or dental audit too?  Give us a shot and we can find a mutually beneficial way to cover it.

Fixed fees or contingency fees or some blend of the two? Yes, we offer that.

Need edits to our contract or have to use your own standard master agreement? We are ready to work with you as necessary.

At J. Graham Inc. we try our best to say “Yes” to our clients. Our ultimate goal is the same as yours – getting your company the best claims audit in the industry.

Contact us for a free consultation.

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